If you are an appraiser, broker, landlord or tenant in commercial real estate, the answer is yes. Follow me

Appraisers and brokers are better informed and are therefore able to offer their clients better advice than competitors who don’t have access to this information. A significant competitive advantage.

Landlords and tenants are able to close the deal much faster and will pay or receive the fair rental price because they know the real value of the real estate they plan on leasing, buying or selling.

It’s very simple: you feed the tool with lease references from the buildings you let or rent. When this information is consulted by another person in the community, you get credits in return. The number of credits depends on the quantity and the quality of the references. The moment you need to know the conditions of a new property, you can use those credits to extract other contributors’ reference(s).

Encoding a lease references is easy, it only takes five minutes of your time. Extracting the information you need is even simpler.

Exchanging information is 100% free. Only if you have no references to exchange, or if you have a greater need for information than you can offer, we offer you the possibility to pay for the information you wish to acquire.

In order to share comparables and access others’, you need a login. You can:

  • Ask a refero.re member you know to invite you (your log-in is created almost immediately after the invitation)
  • Ask us for a login via Linkedin or by mail at info@refero.re (you will have an answer within 48 hours)
  • Contact us


You share your references in full anonymity and security. No one, not even the people accessing the references, will know who submitted them, unless if you want them to. And exchanging references is strictly limited to of the community. Refero.re will never publish raw information outside the community.

The information is evaluated by the system according to various criteria such as the authenticity of the encoded data and the documentation attached to the reference. The lease certifies the veracity of the encoding, so this is one of the most important elements, but you can also attach plans, a photo of the building etc. In addition, the reference is also commented and judged by members of the community.

You can encode all leases in the following sectors: commercial, offices, semi-industrial.

Yes! The information in contracts (leases, assignments, sales…) is not confidential, unless you are bound by a confidentiality clause naturally. But of course we do encourage you to be careful with the protection of private data. So feel free to erase telephone numbers or e-mail addresses (when you attach copies of contracts) and author rights (when you attach copies of the plans).

You don’t have to, but we do advise you to do so. Attaching copies is not required. By attaching a copy of the contracts and/or plans you considerably increase the quality and the credibility of your comparable/reference.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.