The lease value data base​ exclusively for commercial real estate ​professionnels.​

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A tool for more transparency… is a tool that creates transparency in the otherwise very obscure commercial real estate market.

in the commercial real estate market…

Whether you are an appraiser, a broker, a landlord or a tenant, assessing the REAL market value of the properties you’re negotiating is very important.

based on exchange offers you that information. Anonymously, securely and with high quality. And for free simply through exchange.


Transparency builds trust, and trust is the key to a successful business transaction. By creating transparency, helps all players involved in a lease transaction to achieve their common goals faster and easier.

  • Tenants gain insight in real market values and are confident to negotiate a fair market rent.
  • Landlords demonstrate how involved they are with their tenants, by partnering up with them rather than simply cashing in.
  • Brokers and appraisers increase their market intelligence. This allows them to serve more client needs, and they can do it faster and better.

Everyone benefits from faster and easier deals brought by trust and transparency..

Commercial Real Estate

Whether you are an appraisera brokera landlord or a tenant, assessing the REAL market value of the properties you’re negotiating is vital to your common goal: closing a fair deal as fast as possible.

  • Appraisers and brokers are better informed and are therefore able to offer their clients better advice than competitors who don’t have access to this information. A significant competitive advantage.
  • Landlords and tenants build trust to close the deal much faster and at the fair market rent. Because they know the real value of the real estate they plan on leasing, buying or selling.

You definitely know your real estate market. But, have you ever needed to know more? References in different markets? True rents? True investment deal values? revolutionizes real estate market intelligence!

How does it work? is the first community platform organizing exchange of market references between real estate professionals. Retail. Offices. Industry.
It’s as simple as that.

Exchange is a community driven tool. When you feed the tool with a lease reference from the building you let or that you know, you get credits in return. The number of credits depends on the quantity and the quality of the references. The moment you have your eyes set on a new property, you can use those credits to extract the other contributors’ reference(s). This will enable you to determine the real value of that specific real estate. Coding a lease reference is easy, it only takes five minutes of your time. Extracting the information you need is even simpler.


  • Anonymity: the references are submitted in full anonymity
  • Security: the exchange of references is strictly limited to community members.
  • Quality: the quality of all information is assessed by itself, and community members also rate it and report false or inaccurate references.